Films about the Cold War and Wars of Decolonization

This collection provides information on selected movies, TV productions and documentaries on the themes of gender, military and war in the period covered by the Oxford Handbook.

The most important wars for this period include:

  • Cold War (1946–91)
  • Arab-Israeli Conflicts (1947ff)
  • War of Indonesian Independence (1945–49)
  • Korean War (1950–53)
  • African Wars for Independence (1952ff)
  • Algerian War (1954–62)
  • Indochina Wars (1946–79)

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Director(s): Khelifa, Said Ould
Year of Publication: 2012
Major Wars:

Algeria’s entry for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film in 2013, Zabana!, directed by Said Ould Khelifa, focuses on Ahmed Zabana (1926-56), played by Imad Benchenni, an Algerian militant liberation movement leader of the , who...

Director(s): Riklis, Eran
Year of Publication: 2013
Major Wars:

During the First Lebanon War, an Israeli pilot and a young Palestinian refugee find common ground. Fahed helps Yoni escape if the pilot will help him return to his family's ancestral village to plant his father's prized olive tree. Their journey...