From Vichy to the Sexual Revolution : Gender and Family Life in Postwar France

TitleFrom Vichy to the Sexual Revolution : Gender and Family Life in Postwar France
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsFishman, Sara
Number of Pages263
PublisherOxford University Press
CityNew York

Sarah Fishman follows French women's path post-World War II toward emancipation; from winning suffrage in 1945 to the social movements of 1960s, painting a broad view of shifting habits and ideas about love, courtship, sex, marriage, parenting, childhood, and adolescence. She surveys a wide range of sources, including juvenile court cases, inexpensive guidebooks on marriage and childbirth, and popular magazines--Marie Claire and Elle most notably, where iconic columnists such as Marcelle Auclair and Marcelle SeĢgal answered readers' letters and dispensed intimate and inspirational advice to millions of women. Fishman deftly links economic, political, and social transformations, showing how the vision of family shifted away from a rigid structure dominated by the authority of the father toward a more dynamic group characterized by engaged relationships between parents and children. A sweeping social history of postwar France, this book illuminates the extraordinary impact that national policies have on ordinary lives. (Oxford University Press)

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