Mujer en Guerra: Más Masters da la Vida

TitleMujer en Guerra: Más Masters da la Vida
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsTorres, Maruja
Number of Pages315
CityBarcelona, Spain

The famous columnist of the Spanish newspaper El País reconstructs her career, from her almost casual beginnings in 1964, to the age of 21, to her current status as a contributor to the most prestigious media in Spain. This book traces Maruja Torres' trajectory from a teenager anxious to escape the middle of her poor childhood in Barcelona's Chinatown that rejects her "natural" destiny to marriage and motherhood to finding her place in the world as a journalist -comodin and traveler. Her journey is incidentally a critical journey through more than three decades of Spanish journalism, marked in the 60 by censorship, in the 70 for the liberation, in the 80 by the slogan "what the public wants" and in the 90 by that of "people do not like to read," and finally, by the passage of Spanish society of Francoism to democracy and European integration. [Publisher]

Translated TitleWoman in War: More Masters of Life
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