Zwangssterilisation im Nationalsozialismus: Studien zur Rassenpolitik und Frauenpolitik

TitleZwangssterilisation im Nationalsozialismus: Studien zur Rassenpolitik und Frauenpolitik
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsBock, Gisela
Number of Pages494
PublisherWestdeutscher Verlag

National Socialism's sterilization policy was part of its broader racial policy: racism as a policy of weeding out the ethnically and eugenically inferior for the purpose of "Aufartung" (Improving the Race). It was also a component of its broader women's policy, for this consisted not so much in a promotion of births or a cult of motherhood, but primarily in state prevention of births, conceived as the primacy of the state in the field of life. In World War II, this primacy led to the policy of mass murder and to new methods of birth warfare. This work deals with the origins, program and realization, actors and victims of the sterilization policy and examines in particular its significance for women and the entanglement of National Socialist policy toward foreign races and the opposite sex. [publisher]

Translated TitleForced Sterilization under National Socialism: Studies on Racial Policy and Women's Policy
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