The Fear and the Freedom: How the Second World War Changed Us

TitleThe Fear and the Freedom: How the Second World War Changed Us
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsLowe, Keith
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
CityNew York

This volume looks at all that has happened since World War II ended, focusing on the changes that were brought about because of WWII--simultaneously one of the most catastrophic and most innovative events in history. It killed millions and eradicated empires, creating the idea of human rights, and giving birth to the UN. It was because of the war that penicillin was first mass-produced, computers were developed, and rockets first sent to the edge of space. But amidst the waves of revolution and idealism there were also fears of globalization, a dread of the atom bomb, and an unexpressed longing for a past forever gone. All of these things and more came about as direct consequences of the war and continue to affect the world that we live in today. Based on research from five continents, this book tells the very human story of how the war not only transformed our world but also changed the very way we think about ourselves. [from publisher]

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