Crímenes Internacionales de Violencia Sexual y Conflictos Armados

TitleCrímenes Internacionales de Violencia Sexual y Conflictos Armados
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsDelgado, Isabel María Lir, and Magdalena M. Martín Martínez
Number of Pages229
PublisherThomson Reuters Aranzadi
CityCizur Menor, Navarra

While sexual violence has always been decisively and inexorably linked to armed conflicts, it has become a hallmark of present day armed conflicts. Women and girls prove the most numerous and visible victims, though men and boys are also affected, and such violence often involves the commission of international crimes as it jeopardizes international peace and security. The dimension and gravity of such violence explains its prioritized status in the agenda of states, international organizations and civil society. However, both politically and legally, it is far from being an exhausted or resolved issue. On the contrary, the debate regarding its analytical assumptions remains open, despite its increased visibility, given that the statistics do not truly reflect the scope and consequences of such violence. Through comprehensive analysis, this book seeks to address the current issues associated with sexual violence in armed conflicts: the new roles and plurality of both perpetrators and victims, the process of prohibition and criminalization through the establishment of an international legal framework, the different types of international crimes of sexual violence, as well as the processing and procedural elements, technical and practical obstacles to its prosecution and punishment, and, what has been deemed as the institutionalized international action against sexual violence during conflicts as it has emerged within the framework of the UN “Women, Peace and Security” Agenda.

Translated TitleInternational Crimes of Sexual Violence and Armed Conflict
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