Violencia Sexual y Conflictos Armados

TitleViolencia Sexual y Conflictos Armados
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsLeatherman, Janie L.
Number of Pages240
PublisherBarcelona Institut CatalĂ  Internacional per la Pau D.L.

Sexual violence as a weapon of war has long been ignored in the approach to armed conflict, although in recent decades it has been incorporated into the international peace and security agenda. In this book, Janie Leatherman comprehensively analyzes how the conditions that give rise to sexual violence in armed conflict are created, what its consequences are, and possible responses to it. She examines how the structures of the global political economy are involved in war and the acts of sexual violence it entails. Her main argument is that the system of patriarchal domination and the shared vision of hegemonic masculinity foster and sustain such violence. Her critique focuses on globalized corporations that profit from war-torn countries and thus from the victims of sexual violence. It also proposes prevention and protection strategies as well as programs to support the rehabilitation of survivors and their communities.

Translated TitleSexual Violence and Armed Conflicts
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