La Mujer Militar: Sus Derechos Laborales y Prestaciones Sociales

TitleLa Mujer Militar: Sus Derechos Laborales y Prestaciones Sociales
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsCastillejo, María José Lope
Number of Pages159
CityMadrid, Spain

In this work the most important legal issues are tackled in order to deal adequately with the process of professionalization of the Armed Forces, where it is intended to guarantee the full application of the principle of equality by legislation military, which eliminates any discrimination between the two sexes, in order to consolidate the growing female presence. The analysis of Law 17/1999 of the Military Personnel Regime, including its most recent modifications and developments (Regulation of Destinations, approved by RD 431/2002, of May 10, ), in detail in those aspects that decisively affect the work of military women, but which undoubtedly bind men as well, since they are social rights and benefits that correspond to the professional military, regardless of their sex. These are matters relating to the enjoyment of permits or licenses, reductions in days for legal guardianship, leave of absence for the care of children and relatives, as well as from the side of social protection, child benefit, for common and common maternity, in which there are important legal gaps that, because of the application problem, have made it necessary to construct different interpretative proposals in this study and to test possible solutions.

Translated TitleThe Military Woman: Her Labor Rights and Social Benefits
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