Femmes à la guerre. Égalité, sexe et violence

TitleFemmes à la guerre. Égalité, sexe et violence
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBucaille, Lætitia
JournalCritique internationale

Are female soldiers really analogous to male soldiers? If they do show up in armies or guerilla movements, female combatants are still almost always in the minority; they appear only rarely, in the background, and in subordinate positions. More than any other social space, war is marked with sexual division. In this article Bucaille explores whether women are or should be interested in claiming a place in the arena of war. She discusses the risk of being manipulated by an institution whose only interest is to come out on top in armed conflicts. She poses controversial questions, such as whether women should rather be asking if they truly have the capacity to inflict violence on others. She argues that the problem of female integration into the armed forces arises first and foremost with the management of sexual economy among soldiers.

Translated TitleWomen at War: Equality, Sex, and Violence
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