La guerre et les femmes

TitleLa guerre et les femmes
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsBaechler, Jean, and Marion Trévisi
Number of Pages240

The Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, in connection with the research program of "War and Society," considers the role women have played in war in various periods and places throughout history. For generations, war has been considered solely a male affair, as until recently, much of combat victory depended on physical strength. On the other hand, although women have rarely played a direct role in war, they have often been victims of its effects: abduction, rape, and slavery have been and still are women's common lot, and the mourning of mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters is a universal female experience. In the past, food workers, vendors, nurses, and prostitutes were more directly connected with military operations. Only rarely have women, such as Joan of Arc, taken an active part in war, whether it be through sieges, resistance operations, guerrilla warfare, or terrorism. Not until the 20th century when technological changes abolished the privilege of masculine strength have we seen the incorporation of women into combat units. Thus, from antiquity to contemporary times, what are the places, the roles, and the type of women in armed conflict?

Translated TitleWar and Women
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