Gender and International Security: Feminist Perspectives

TitleGender and International Security: Feminist Perspectives
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsSjoberg, Laura
Number of Pages304

This edited collection addresses the subordination of gender in both the theory and practice of international security. It seeks to highlight the value of a gendered analysis of international security and the importance of expanding the feminist research programme in this area. It is an eclectic collection that broadens our understanding of ‘what is meant by security but also who merits security’ (p. 4). Each chapter approaches international security from a different feminist perspective. The essayists argue that International Relations is a man's world and, as such, it has been constructed from a male perspective. Each chapter critiques and reconstructs mainstream discourses of international security through a gendered lens by acknowledging the multiple and complex roles women occupy within the security arena, both as combatants and as peace builders in various contexts. The essays in this collection demonstrate that gender is crucial for understanding international security and the reader is left in no doubt that gender matters in complex and diverse ways. [British Journal of Criminology]

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