From the Deckplates: Who Needs Women?

TitleFrom the Deckplates: Who Needs Women?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsBednarchick, Amanda
JournalU.S. Naval Institute Proceedings
Pagination12 - 13
Date Published12/2018

Petty Officer Second Class Amanda Bednarchick writes a compelling argument showing the history of and need for women to continue in their positions in the U.S. Coast Guard. Despite American women's long history and proud service in this branch of the military, Bednarchick points out that female retention numbers are much lower than their male counterparts, and this contributes to the even lower numbers of females in high-ranking and leadership positions  within the Coast Guard. Bednarchick offers several possible solutions to the problem, including the establishment of more child development centers and/or in-home care programs; the employment of career counselors to mediate between service members and assignment officers; starting a targeted career development initiative for women to support the elevation of career trajectories; and increased communication and follow-through to ensure women feel comfortable and supported within their units.



Short TitleU.S. Naval Institute Proceedings
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