Witness to War Crimes: The Memoirs of a Peacekeeper in Bosnia

TitleWitness to War Crimes: The Memoirs of a Peacekeeper in Bosnia
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsDoyle, Colm, and Kenneth Morrison
Number of Pages296
PublisherPen & Sword Military

In this memoir, Colonel Colm Doyle of the Irish Army describes his experiences as a European peacemaker when fighting broke out in the former Yugoslav republic in the early 1990s. Doyle's personal account can claim to be one of the most significant works on the brutal Bosnian War. He describes his role mediating, negotiating and persuading political and military leaders of all sides to halt the path of war. He arranged ceasefires, visited prisoner-of-war camps, extricated election monitors and organized hostage releases. His experiences made him a key witness at the International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague at the trials of Milosevic, Mladic and Karadzic.

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