L’uniforme militaire au xixe siècle : une fabrique du masculin

TitleL’uniforme militaire au xixe siècle : une fabrique du masculin
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsRoynette, Odile
JournalClio. Femmes, Genre, Histoire
Start Page109

During the nineteenth century, wearing the uniform became a component of military identity, particularly in France where military service had gradually universalized up until the eve of First World War. As a physical object endowed with symbolic functions, the uniform was at the heart of a social environment, which is one of the laboratories of masculinity. Described, criticized, and amended by the medical officers concerned with functionality and comfort, the uniform provided a homogenized, ideal body to look at, but the fabric covered a reality much less ideal. Offered to the gaze of others, that of women particularly, the uniform constructed a masculine identity in search of recognition and was located therefore at the heart of the construction process of the gender difference. [Author]

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Translated TitleThe military uniform of the 19th century: a masculine material
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