Women in European History

TitleWomen in European History
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsBock, Gisela
Number of Pages304
PublisherBlackwell Publishers
CityOxford, UK

This book is part of the Making of Europe series and conforms to the broad scope and aims of the series by offering a 600-year survey of the debates surrounding relations between women and women, men and women, and women and society and of the individuals who participated in gendered discussion. Bock looks at issues such as marraige, women's roles in the French and Industrial Revolutions, the nature and definition of the family, women and the welfare state, the Nazi regime, and the women's movements in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The book provides a good introduction to change and continuity in women's lives and in thoughts about gender roles and relations since the Middle Ages. It will appeal to students as well as scholars and will provide a broad general base from which to launch more specific inquiries. [Lori Williamson]

Original PublicationFrauen in der europäischen Geschichte
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