Meanings for manhood : constructions of masculinity in Victorian America

TitleMeanings for manhood : constructions of masculinity in Victorian America
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsCarnes, Mark, and Clyde Griffen
Number of Pages288
PublisherUniversity of Chicago Press

This book is one of first attempts to provide a basis of local knowledge for the history of men in gender relations. It documents the diversity of definitions of masculinity. It also shows specific ways in which these definitions are connected to particular social sites – whether occupations, age groups, voluntary organizations, immigrant groups, or religious or political movements. It is a compilation of the disconnected papers presented at a conference, with some synthesis and commentary at the end. Each paper is concerned with cultural definitions or expressions of masculinity, relying on such evidence as lodge records, autobiographies, and the language of address in personal letters. [Victor Seidler]

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