Manliness and Militarism: Educating Young Boys in Ontario for War

TitleManliness and Militarism: Educating Young Boys in Ontario for War
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsMoss, Mark
Number of Pages227
PublisherUniversity of Toronto Press

In this book, historian Mark Moss examines the cult of manliness as it developed in Victorian and Edwardian Ontario during World War I. He reveals a number of factors that made young men eager to prove their mettle on the battlefields of Europe. Popular juvenile literature—the books of Henty, Haggard, and Kipling, for example, and numerous magazines for boys—glorified the military conquests of the British Empire, the bravery of military men, especially Englishmen, and the values of courage and unquestioning patriotism. Those same values were taught in the schools, on the playing fields, in cadet military drill, in the wilderness and Boy Scout movements, and even through the toys and games of young children. He answers the questions: Why were people excited by the prospect of war? What popular attitudes about war had become ingrained in the society? And how had such values become so deeply rooted in a generation of young men that they would be eager to join this "great adventure"?

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