The Securitization of Rape: Women, War and Sexual Violence

TitleThe Securitization of Rape: Women, War and Sexual Violence
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsHirschauer, Sabine
Number of Pages257
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan

This book provides the first full-length treatment of the ways in which conflict related sexual violence can be understood through the lens of securitization theory. Uniquely applying Barry Buzan's and Ole Waever's theories of securitization to mass sexual violence atrocities, Hirschauer reveals the wide-ranging complexities of the securitization of rape. Using the Bosnia war and Rwandan genocide as events which set new, unprecedented legal frontiers, this book explores the inherent links between systematic rape, war and global security. Bosnia initiated the first convictions of rape as a crime against humanity, whilst the Judges of the Tribunal of Rwanda further expanded these legal parameters by viewing rape as a distinct feature and mechanism of genocide. Hirschauer's analysis seeks to provide a progressive research agenda that addresses the incentives and disincentives for the continued securitization of rape in violent conflict, and will be a valuable resource to scholars of Security Studies, International Relations, Gender Studies and Transitional Justice.

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