Europa Desgarrada: Guerra, Ocupación y Violencia, 1900-1950

TitleEuropa Desgarrada: Guerra, Ocupación y Violencia, 1900-1950
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsLorenz, David Alegre, Miguel Alonso Ibarra, and Javier Rodrigo Sánchez
Number of Pages444
PublisherPrensas de la Universidad de Zaragoza
CityZaragoza, Spain

A few years ago, John Keegan wondered whether historians should not take "the trouble to reflect on what it is that makes men kill each other". This book analyzes the forms of war and war violence in Europe in the first half of the twentieth century, from comparative and transnational perspectives and from the methodological renewal that has led to war studies and the new military history. It is, then, an approach to that gigantic theater of the war that was Europe in the era of world and civil wars, of occupations, resistance, forced displacements and genocides. (Publisher)

Translated TitleTorn Europe: War, Occupation and Violence, 1900-1950
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