La Enfermería en Distintos Escenarios de la Segunda Guerra Mundial

TitleLa Enfermería en Distintos Escenarios de la Segunda Guerra Mundial
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsGomez, Victor Serrano
Secondary AuthorsParra, Maribel Morente
Academic DepartmentHistoria de la medicina
Number of Pages40
Date Published2018/06
UniversityUniversidad Complutense de Madrid
CityMadrid, Spain

The history of Nursing is irredeemably bound to the great conflicts that have taken place throughout the history of humanity. In these events the development of new armament was close followed by the development of new health advances. However during the Second World War the progress in health matter were of special relevance for the growth of our profession. Analyzing the literature that we have chosen provides us a view of Nursing in both civil and military theaters. In this paper we try to prove the importance of women during a historical moment in which the need of workforce was imperative and nurses had to adapt themselves to a new role beyond the wounds healing facing the difficulties of a modern warfare. The development of aviation opened new action fields for Nursing, in which nurses had a special role in air evacuation. We also use these nurses' experiences to analyze how society recognized the role of Nursing during war times and how war films contributed to that vision. After the analysis of these documents we have demonstrated the importance of Nursing during the war and how its role transcended the expectations of the profession itself, contributing to its evolution. (Author)

Translated TitleNursing in Different Scenarios of the Second World War
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