Memoria y Migración: La Pintura como Expresión del Miedo de la Sociedad Civil en Guerra

TitleMemoria y Migración: La Pintura como Expresión del Miedo de la Sociedad Civil en Guerra
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsGarcía, Josefina
Academic DepartmentFacultat de Belles Arts de Sant Carles
Number of Pages42
Date Published2018/10/02
UniversityUniversitat Politècnica de València
CityValència, Spain

This work poses a reflection on the vulnerability, suffering and fear that the human being feels when confronting extreme situations such as war, through painting. An analysis of the problems of refugees within the current panorama in Mediterranean conflict has been made with its similarity the Spanish civil war a reflection of parallelism of exile: origin, reasons, motives, political rights, and the utility of art as social denunciation. Taking into account the great concern on the part of artistists toward this serious social problem of refugees, we will show how over the course of time other artists have become involved in similar causes in one way or another, taking them as reference points. For the development of practical work has been used two different color ranges, have one wide range of color and the other reduced or monochrome that will allow us to project similar situations to show the suffering and fear of the so-called exiles and refugees. The TFG intends to be the result of creative reflection, a process of assimilation of information, concepts and artistic references within the framework of painting. (Author)

Translated TitleMemory and Migration: Painting as Expression of the Fear of Civil Society in War
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