Reporteras Españolas, Testigos de Guerra: de las Pioneras a las Actuales

TitleReporteras Españolas, Testigos de Guerra: de las Pioneras a las Actuales
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
Authorsdel Paso, Ana
Number of Pages333
CityBarcelona, Spain

Nobody like them knows how to tell human stories in extreme situations. They cover each conflict as if it were the last: using it thoroughly. They are made of a special wood, because not everyone is worth witnessing the aberrations that a human being is capable of in times of war. This is the first work that collects testimonies from thirty-four contemporary journalists, who speak loud and clear. They have survived guerrillas, mercenaries, terrorists, satraps, dictators, snipers, corrupt politicians and human traffickers. They have been detained, expelled from the country, threatened with death and shot, but all have the professional respect they have earned. They have proven their worth as anyone and, despite belonging to decades so distant, share many of the impediments suffered by the pioneers of this profession. (Publisher)

Translated TitleSpanish Reporters, Witnesses of War: from the Pioneers to the Present
Reprint EditioneBook
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