Representación de la Guerra Civil Española por la Prensa Escrita Arequipeña (1936 -1939)

TitleRepresentación de la Guerra Civil Española por la Prensa Escrita Arequipeña (1936 -1939)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsLozada, Juan Carlos Nal
JournalRevista de Historia Regional y Local
Start Page173
Pagination173 - 210
Date Published01/2019

This article adresses the representation of the Spanish Civil War in the print press of Arequipa at the beginning of 20th century, through the review and the analysis of 4 newspapers (El Deber, El Pueblo, El Sur, Noticias). The analysis sets out how this event with global resonance generaterd contradictions between marked sides representing opposing world views; and at the same time emphasizes internal divisions in the Arequipa’s society. In the following pages we will confront the different perspectives about these antagonisms, organizing with different topics such as communism and fascism; national identity and foreign influences; Church and anticlerical; progress and backwardness, and democracy and dictatorship. This permit to inform the reception of a key event in the contemporary history of Latin America, involving a methodological reflection about the impact of and international event in a local context. This is how two parts, that rarely are put together, are related: Europe and small Latin American societies, wich they see their debate affected by events occurring inside them. (Author)

Translated TitleRepresentation of the Spanish Civil War by the Arequipeña Written Press (1936 -1939)
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