Representación de la guerra civil española por la prensa escrita arequipeña (1936 -1939)

TitleRepresentación de la guerra civil española por la prensa escrita arequipeña (1936 -1939)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsLozada, Juan Carlos Nal
JournalHiSTOReLo. Revista de Historia Regional y Local
Date Published01/2019

Through the review and analysis of four newspapers (El Deber, El Pueblo, El Sur, Noticias), this article addresses the representation of the Spanish Civil War in the press of the city of Arequipa, Peru, in the early twentieth century. The analysis shows how this event of worldwide resonance generated contradictions between very marked sides, which represented opposing worldviews; and at the same time echoed internal divisions in the Arequipa society. The author confronts the diverse perspectives on these antagonisms, articulated in conflicting themes such as communism and fascism; national identity and foreign influences; Church and anticlericals; progress and backwardness; and democracy and dictatorship. This makes it possible to document the reception of a key event of contemporary history in the Latin American space, which additionally entails a methodological reflection on the impact of an international event in a local environment. Thus, two scales that rarely come together are articulated: Europe and small Latin American societies that see their debate influenced by events occurring there.

Translated TitleRepresentation of the Spanish Civil War by the Arequipeña Newspapers (1936 -1939)
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