Representaciones Sociales de la Reconciliación en Mujeres Víctimas de Violencia Sexual en el Conflicto Armado

TitleRepresentaciones Sociales de la Reconciliación en Mujeres Víctimas de Violencia Sexual en el Conflicto Armado
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsPérez, Ivonne Leadith Di, Alejandra Bejarano Quintero, and Juan David Prad Garzón
Place PublishedPontificia Universidad Javeriana

These archival documents analyze the social representations about the reconciliation of women victims of sexual violence in the framework of the Colombian internal armed conflict. As a qualitative study of phenomenological design, it was conducted through semi-structured interviews with five women victims of sexual violence in the internal armed conflict, aged between 40 and 63 years, linked to groups of women, among which the Pacific Route of Women, in which they have initiated a process of empowerment, and of formation and socialization of information in subjects of national conjuncture such as reconciliation. Regarding attitude, it was found that women evaluated reconciliation favorably, highlighting broad benefits in their lives. Regarding the information on reconciliation, it is highlighted that this was shared among the groups of women, within which they conceive of reconciliation as a process and a goal that must include all the members of society and fulfill certain conditions so that be successful; the figurative nucleus of reconciliation was structured from different elements of information that were relevant and were expressed in the discourse of all women; finally, it was found that women integrated reconciliation to their realities based on the undertaking of different actions, both individual and collective, with high political and social impact. Social representation is configured through the dynamic interaction between its structuring elements: attitude, information and the representational field. Which, becomes the perception of a multidimensional reconciliation that impacts transversally from the personal scope of the victims to the political sphere, thus involving the whole society. (Authors)

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Social Representations of Reconciliation in Women Victims of Sexual Violence in the Armed Conflict

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