Territorio, Conflictos y Posconflictos: Mirada Interdisciplinar

TitleTerritorio, Conflictos y Posconflictos: Mirada Interdisciplinar
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsRevelo, Diana Carolina R., and Julián López García
Number of Pages213
PublisherUniversidad del Norte Editorial
CityBarranquilla, Colombia

This work brings together research presented at the XV International Seminar on Territory and Culture (SEMITEC), held in Colombia in the framework of an inter-institutional alliance between the Universidad del Norte and the International Network of Studies on Territory and Culture (RETEC). The works presented offer epistemological, conceptual and methodological contributions to discuss the Territory-Culture relationship in terms of actors, processes and institutions involved in contemporary conflicts and post-conflicts of a regional, national and international nature. In this sense, the work is aimed at researchers interested in deepening the "Territory" as a central category of analysis. [Publisher]

Translated TitleTerritory, Conflicts and Post-Conflicts: Interdisciplinary Look
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