Women Poets of the English Civil War

TitleWomen Poets of the English Civil War
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsRoss, Sarah C. E., and Elizabeth Scott-Baumann
PublisherManchester University Press
CityManchester, UK

This anthology binds together substantial selections of poetry by five of the most significant and prominent women of the English Civil War period: Anne Bradstreet, Hester Pulter, Margaret Cavendish, Katherine Philips, and Lucy Hutchinson. Women Poets of the English Civil War covers a comprehensive apprehension of the women’s poetic culture and in connection to other prominent male poets such as Marvell, Milton and Dryden. Ross and Scott-Baumann bring these texts together to reveal the diversity of women’s poetry in the mid-seventeenth century, as it travels across political affiliations and material forms. Notes on the poems explain the contexts of the Civil War, religious conflict and scientific and literary development. (Manchester University Press)

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