Soldatenfamilien und uneheliche Kinder: Ein soziales Problem im Gefolge der stehenden Heere

TitleSoldatenfamilien und uneheliche Kinder: Ein soziales Problem im Gefolge der stehenden Heere
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsMeumann, Markus
EditorKroener, Bernhard, and Pröve, Ralf
Book TitleKrieg und Frieden: Militär und Gesellschaft in der frühen Neuzeit

This book chapter on soldier's  families and illegitimate children in 18th century German Central Europe explores a central social challenge for military leadership, governments and societies. Since the late 17th century the military leaders tried to reduce the number of married soldiers for several reasons: they wanted to reduce the large train with men, women and children that followed early modern armies to war, they hoped to reduce the costs for the army and local communities who had to care, even so very poorly,  for soldier's wives and widows and their children, they wanted to reduce the burden for citizens who had to give accomodation to the soldiers and their families in the garrisons. Thus, they tried to prevent marriages of soldiers by not giving them the permission to marry, but the consequence was a rise of the number of unmarried mothers with illegitimate children, which created a large set of social problems on its own for local communities and governments.

Translated TitleSoldiers' Families and Illegitimate Children: A Social Problem in the Wake of Standing Armies
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