The Stalin Project

TitleThe Stalin Project
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From 1924-1953, Joseph Stalin ruled the largest country in the world with an iron fist. He attempted to twist and contort the USSR into a modern communist country using the most brutal methods. He was able to industrialize a rural country in a short amount of time and he held off the Nazi onslaught during World War II. However, the price for this "progress" was immense. He surrounded himself with amoral yes-men who created one of the most criminalized penal systems in history. Over ten million were killed and many more had their lives destroyed by the system. His brilliance was that through the combination of fear and propaganda, he was idolized by the majority of the people until his death.The Stalin Project is a multi-media, interactive resource about Stalin and the Soviet people. This site includes text written by the top scholars in the field, a database of over 500 images, primary source documents, videos, lesson plans, and other interactive material.