Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights Research Hub

TitleConsortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights Research Hub
Publication TypeWebsite
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsBoston, University of Massach

The Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights was founded in 2002, with generous support from the Ford Foundation. Scholars from five leading academic centers and programs in the Bostom area came together with the purpose of chaning the political and academic understanding of the security field so that the dynamics of gender become salient at all points in the conflict process, from prevention through post-conflict reconstruction. Today, the Consortium's main goal is the bridge the gap between the scholarly research community on the one hand, and policy makers and practitioners on the other. Their role is to catalyse cross-community, cross-disciplinary conversations to create the multidimensional, structural, feminist gendered analyses that are imperative to finding sustainable and just solutions -- not only to wars, but to the political, social, economic and environmental crises that underlie them. Initially, the Consortium's primary goal was to integrate the study of gender and women into research on human rights, security, and armed conflict. Their research hub includes articles, annotated bibliographies and reports with a range of topics, countries, and regions focused on gender, security and human rights. (Website)

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