Morgenrot / Dawn

TitleMorgenrot / Dawn
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1933
AuthorsSewell, Victor, and Gustav Ucicky
Running Time1h 35m
Date Released02/02/1933
DistributorUniversum Film AG (UFA)
Publication LanguageGerman

This German World War I movie, directed by Victor Sewell, offers a highly fictionised version of the death of the British War Secretary, Field Marshal Herbert Kitchener (1850–1916) on abroad the cruiser HMS Hampshire, on his way to Russia. A successful U-boat ace, Helmut Liers, lives in the fictional north German town of Meerskirchen with his mother, who has already lost two sons in the war. While on patrol, Liers and his crew sink a British armored cruiser, HMS Hampshire, but are then attacked by a sub trap on their way back to the harbor. They sink the trap, but are then sunk by the trap’s armed destroyer. Ten members of the crew survive, but there are only eight rescue devices. Liers orders his crew to use the devices, but they refuse: either all survive or no one does. Released three days after Adolf Hitler became chancellor, it was the first film to have its screening in Nazi Germany. It became a symbol of the new times touted by the Nazi regime.

Original PublicationMorgenrot
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