Slavery and the Making of America

TitleSlavery and the Making of America
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsJames, Dante, Gail Pellett, Chana Gazit, and Leslie D. Farrell
Episodes4 episodes
Running Time1h per episode
DistributorPublic Broadcasting Service (PBS) / WNET
CountryUnited States
Publication LanguageEnglish

This four-part series by Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) chronicles American slavery by uncovering the horrors of slavery during the Civil War, emphasizing slavery’s economic importance to the American antebellum economy, and examining how slaves from various cultures dealt with their environments. With narration by Morgan Freeman, the program features interviews with scholars who offer fresh perspectives into the period, as well as dramatic re-creations depicting the true stories of individual slaves. The video offers a sharply nuanced look at American slavery, from the first Africans brought to British colonies in the early seventeenth century to the end of Reconstruction (1863–1877).

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