Mary Silliman's War

TitleMary Silliman's War
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsSurjik, Stephen
Running Time1h 33 min
DistributorHeritage Films
CountryUnited States, Canada
Publication LanguageEnglish

This autobiographic film is based on the Revolutionary War diaries of Mary Silliman (1736–1818). The story reveals the bitterness between those fighting for independence and those who remained loyal to the King and colonial authorities. Shot on location in Nova Scotia, the film relates the true story of a remarkable woman whose husband, a patriot leader, was kidnapped from their home by a band of Tories, Americans loyal to the King of England. Left to fend for herself and their children as she sought her husband's release, Mary Silliman's story presents the War for Independence in a way that is fresh and engaging to a modern audience.

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