Monsieur N.

TitleMonsieur N.
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2003
Authorsde Caunes, Antoine
Running Time2h
Date Released02/12/2003
DistributorEmpire Pictures
CountryFrance, United Kingdom
Publication LanguageFrench, English, Corsica

The film Monseur N., directed by Antoine de Caunes, explores the mysterious circumstances surrounding Napoleon’s death in 1821. It deals with the last days of Napoleon on St. Helena through the eyes of a British officer assigned to be his liason with the British government. The film hints that Napoléon retained a loyal entourage of officers at St. Helena who helped him plot his escape, and evaded the attentions of Major-General Sir Hudson Lowe, the island's overzealous Governor. It suggests further that Napoléon could have escaped to Louisiana, where he died, and that the body exhumed and now at Les Invalides is that of Napoléon's officer Cipriani.

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