The Pride and the Passion

TitleThe Pride and the Passion
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1957
AuthorsKramer, Stanley
Running Time2h 12m
Date Released07/10/1957
DistributorUnited Artists
CountryUnited States
Publication LanguageEnglish

The Pride and the Passion is a 1957 Napoleonic era war film produced and directed by Stanley Kramer, which tells the story of a British Royal Navy artillery officer (Cary Grant), who has orders to retrieve a huge siege cannon from Spain and transport it by ship to British forces. But first, the leader of the Spanish guerrillas (Frank Sinatra) wants to transport the weapon 620 miles across Spain, to help in the recapture of the city of Ávila from the occupying French before he releases it to the British. Most of the film deals with the hardships of transporting the big gun to Ávila across rivers and through mountains, while also evading the occupying French forces that have been ordered to find it. A subplot concerns the struggle for the love of the Spanish woman Juana (Sophia Loren) by the two male protagonists.

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