Collective Memory: France and the Algerian War (1954–1962)

TitleCollective Memory: France and the Algerian War (1954–1962)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsMcCormack, Jo
Number of Pages221
PublisherLexington Books
CityLanham, MD

This boox examines the difficult transmission of memory in France of the Algerian War of Independence (1954-62). It emphasizes the current lack of transmission of memories of this war through a detailed case study of three crucial vectors of memory: the teaching of school history, coverage in the media, and discussion in the family. The author argues that the failure to transmit memories is feeding into contemporary racism and exclusion in France. The book draws extensively on interviews with historians, teachers, and pupils as well as secondary sources and media analysis, and proposes that a greater 'work of memory' needs to be undertaken if France is to overcome the division in French society that stems from the war. 

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