Selected Timelines & Maps on the First and Second Indochina Wars

Websites with Timelines and Maps


Websites with Timelines

Institution: The National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, MD

The National Archives has a wealth of records and information documenting the U.S. experience in the Vietnam conflict. These include photographs, textual and electronic records, audiovisual recordings, exhibits, educational resources, articles, blog posts, lectures, and events, as well as an interactive timeline that documents the key events of the Vietnam War.



Institution: Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

This timeline of the Vietnam War is provided by Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) as part of its Battlefield: Vietnam series. Along with this informative timeline, PBS also provides other resources for more information about the Vietnam War.



Institution: BBC, London, United Kingdom

This website created by the BBC in April 2018 provides a general chronology of the major events in Vietnam since the beginning of the French colonial rule in 1858. Included are the First and Second Indochina Wars and their aftermath in the region, as well as the reconstruction and reconciliation period.



Websites with Maps

Institution: United States Military Academy, Westpoint, NY

In 1938, the predecessors of today's Department of History at the United States Military Academy began developing a series of campaign atlases to aid in teaching cadets a course entitled, “History of the Military Art.” Since then, the Department has produced over six atlases and more than one thousand maps, encompassing not only America’s wars but global conflicts as well. The site on the Vietnam War contains fourteen separate maps of various regions and conflicts connected to the First and Second Indochina Wars, covering everything from the NVA plan for 1965 to the Fall of Saigon.



Institution: OmniAtlas, free Interactive Historical Atlas

OmniAtlas provides interactive timelines with accompanying maps portraying wars in Indochina. The timelines and maps show the main events of the conflicts with a short description of each event.

Website: First Indochina War

Website: Vietnam War


Institution: Pritzker Military Museum & Library, Chicago, IL

Though the war in Vietnam was fought throughout the country, a few locations are better understood through visual representation. This interactive map was created by the Pritzker Military Museum and Library to help students explore crucial elements of the Vietnam War, using propaganda posters, aerial and ground photos, and primary documents to illustrate events in addition to a map showing the events’ geographical locations.