Selected Timelines & Maps on the Algerian War

Websites with Timelines and Maps


Websites with Timelines

Institution: The Atlantic, by Christopher Hitchens, November 2006

Former contributing editor to The Atlantic and Vanity Fair columnist, Christopher Hitchens compiled this useful chronology of the key events of the Algerian War for The Atlantic’s November 2006 edition. It gives readers a brief, but thorough overview of the conflict, along with explanations accompanying each event.



Institution: BBC News, 2 April 2019

The BBC News published this timeline of key events in the Algerian War in April 2019 as part of its series of country profiles. The timeline comes with a brief explanation of each event in relation to corresponding developments in the conflict.



Institution:  Vincent Hiribarren, King’s College London

Vincent Hiribarren, senior lecturer in modern African history at King’s College London, created this illustrated, interactive timeline for students learning about the Algerian War. The key events of the conflict are labeled within an animated chronology, and many descriptions include an accompanying visual with most descriptions presented in French.



Websites with Maps

Institution: Maps of the World, San Jose, CA

This online collection of maps of Algeria, published by Maps of the World, provides a good overview of the geography of Algeria. It also includes a brief overview of Algeria’s history, helping students position the country within its larger global context, both for contemporary studies as well as the country’s twentieth-century conflict.



Institution: Wikipedia: Battle of Algiers

This map of the Battle of Algiers (1956–57) shows the Muslim quarters, the European quarters, and attacks by the Algerian National Liberation Front (Front de libération nationale, FLN), as well as French counterattacks during the Battle.