The Bletchley Circle

TitleThe Bletchley Circle
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsDe Emmony, Andy
DistributorKew Media
CountryGreat Britain
Publication LanguageEnglish

This TV miniseries portrays the lives of four British women in the years after WWII. All women worked as codebreakers in the top secret Bletchley Park, helping British forces interpret German codes during the war. As the women have returned to their ordinary lives, they find themselves resltess and discontent with the mundanity of female life in peacetime Britain and long to engage more fully in meaningful work for their country as they did during the war. At the beginning of the series, housewife Susan learns about a series of murders that continue to occur in the London area and begins to recognise patterns connecting the killings. This inspires her to return to her codebreaking past, and she reaches out first to Millie, and then to Lucy and Jean, after unsuccessfully trying to convince the police to follow up her theory about the crimes. Failing to secure police involvement, they move from codebreaking and investigation into the realm of field work, with dangerous consequences on several occasions. Scenes of domestic tranquility are contrasted with scenes of the killer stalking and torturing his victims. While initially skeptical about becoming involved, Millie, Jean, and Lucy are convinced to help Susan once they realise the lives of many women are on the line.

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