Fragmentation de l’Irak et droits des femmes : mobilisations des féministes et de la société civile

TitleFragmentation de l’Irak et droits des femmes : mobilisations des féministes et de la société civile
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsAli, Zahra
JournalConfluences Méditerranée

Through an intersectional and historical approach, this article explores the gendered dimension of the ethno-denominational fragmentation in the current Iraqi context, focusing particular attention on the social and political dynamics tied to women and to gender during the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003. It aims to analyze the attempts to denominationalize the regime of personal rights, particularly women’s rights, at the initiative of the conservative Shiite Islamist parties that came to power in 2003. This article also wishes to explore the mobilization of Iraqi feminists since 2003, more particularly the impact of their “NGOization” on the nature of their demands. Additionally, this article proposes an analysis nested in the questions of gender and the nation, with a reflection on the role of militarized violence in the evolution of the representations of gendered practices. Finally, this article presents the recent mobilizations of feminists and of Iraqi civil society around questions of social, economic, ethno-denominational, and political equality. [translated and modified from author]

Translated TitleThe Fragmentation of Iraq and Women’s Rights: Feminist Mobilizations and Civil Society
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