Israéliennes et Palestiniennes pour la paix : un éternel recommencement ?

TitleIsraéliennes et Palestiniennes pour la paix : un éternel recommencement ?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsPouzol, Valérie
JournalConfluences Méditerranée

In the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, women regularly intervened to express their opposition to the war and make their voices heard in the difficult process of the construction of peace. They occupied the contested terrain, without imposing on official international negotations. These groups developed nonviolent resistance techniques and produced discourses in which they provided a larger definition of oppression that linked national oppression and social, ethnic, and sexual oppression. These women’s groups regularly reinvented themselves, and since 2014, the group Women Wage Peace has steadily grown in power. In some ways, the group is part of the continuity of women's struggles; at the same time, it uniquely renews the activist repertoire. It has managed to mobilize large numbers of people while triggering many criticisms. [translated and modified from author]

Translated TitleIsraeli and Palestinian Women in Search of Peace: A History Destined to Repeat Itself?
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