Twentieth-Century Women in Wartime

TitleTwentieth-Century Women in Wartime
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsSummerfield, Penny
JournalInternational History Review
Issue1 (Special Issue)

This special issue of the journal International History Review, guest-edited by Penny Summerfield and published in February 1997, presents a wide ranging selection of articles on "Twentieth-Century Women in Wartime" that include the following essays:

Penny Summerfield: Gender and War in the Twentieth Century (pp. 3-15)
Robert M. Ponichtera: Feminists, Nationalists, and Soldiers: Women in the Fight for Polish Independence (pp. 16-31)
Janet S. K. Watson: Khaki Girls, VADs, and Tommy's Sisters: Gender and Class in First World War Britain (pp. 32-51)
Krisztina Robert: Gender, Class, and Patriotism: Women's Paramilitary Units in First World War Britain (pp. 52-65)
Susan R. Grayzel: Mothers, Marraines, and Prostitutes: Morale and Morality in First World War France (pp. 66-82)
Harriet Hyman Alonso: Gender and Peace Politics in the First World War United States: The People's Council of America (pp. 83-102)
Sandi E. Cooper: Pacifism, Feminism, and Fascism in Inter-War France (pp. 103-114)
Pan Yihong: Feminism and Nationalism in China's War of Resistance against Japan (pp. 115-130)
Deborah Hirshfield: Gender, Generation, and Race in American Shipyards in the Second World War (pp. 131-145)
Sonya O. Rose: Girls and GIs: Race, Sex, and Diplomacy in Second World War Britain (pp. 146-160)

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