Berliner Aufzeichnungen, 1942-1945

TitleBerliner Aufzeichnungen, 1942-1945
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsKardorff, Ursula von
Series EditorHartl, Peter
Number of Pages412
PublisherC.H. Beck

Hardly anyone like the journalist Ursula von Kardorff (1911-1988) has conveyed such a concise and vivid picture of life in Berlin, the capital of Nazi Germany, during the Secon World War as she did in this autobiographical account that is organized like a diary.  It was a  life on the edge, the change between bombing nights and exuberant parties, the pain of parting with friends and finally, after the 20th July 1944, from the merciless wave of persecution, which also gripped the author's closest circle of friends, and even threatened her. Immediately after 1945, the Berlin journalist wrote down this chronicle of the war years on the basis of diaries, notes and letters, which historians consider to be the most important autobiographical evidence from the last years of the Third Reich. For the present edition, the editor has not only prepared notes and a register of persons, but has also evaluated the original diaries and notes, which were now accessible for the first time, and inserted extracts into the book.

Translated TitleDiary of a Nightmare: Berlin, 1942-1945 (Published 1965)
Reprint EditionFirst edition: 1962
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