"Frau, komm!": Die Massenvergewaltigungen deutscher Frauen und Mädchen 1944/45

Title"Frau, komm!": Die Massenvergewaltigungen deutscher Frauen und Mädchen 1944/45
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
Authorsvon Münch, Ingo
Number of Pages208

Among the crimes committed during the Second World War were the mass rapes of German women and girls by Soviet soldiers, and also to a  lesser extent by American, British  and French soldiers, in 1944/45. Many victims were sexually abused not once but several times. Neither young grils nor old women were spared. According to reliable estimates, about two million women and girls were victims of these rapes. The enormity of these crimes and the human suffering they cause has not received adequate public attention for decades. Only recently have these events been mentioned more frequently, but almost always only as part of a description of flight, expulsion and forced labour. In contrast, the present book deals exclusively with the rapes and here, among other things, with the questions of how and why these excesses occurred, why resistance was futile and what happened to the children who were victims or "only" witnesses of the sexual violence. Reports of experiences of victims and perpetrators are an essential, because authentic, basis of this description.

Translated Title"Frau, komm!": The Mass Rape of German Women and Girls in 1944/45
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