Frauen im Kriegsdienst 1914-1945

TitleFrauen im Kriegsdienst 1914-1945
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1969
AuthorsGersdorff, Ursula von
Number of Pages572
PublisherDeutsche Verlags-Anstalt

This watershed collection of 270 primary sources examines the military contributions of German women in both World Wars. A paradox emerges from the copious documentation from the archives in Munich, Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg, and Koblenz. Even though women would be crucial to the efforts in both the First and Second World Wars, traditional patriarchal ideology obscured their central role, and neither German regime would officially acknowledge women as members of the military, even when they wore the uniform, unlike in Britain and the United States. 

Translated TitleWomen in War Service 1914-1945
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