Nachkrieg in Deutschland

TitleNachkrieg in Deutschland
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsNaumann, Klaus
Number of Pages576
PublisherHamburger Edition

When did the German post-war period end, if it can be considered to have ended at all? This question has occupied publicists and historians for decades. From the currency reform of 1948 to the protest movement of 1968 to German unification in 1989/90, virtually every important caesura in the history of the Federal Republic has been labeled "the end of the postwar period." This edited volume brings together contributions on various aspects of Germany's post-war societies. They all deal with a specific focus on two questions: first, whether and under what conditions the postwar period ended, and second, why National Socialism and the Second World War cast such long shadows as to shape a specific attitude or political style that extended into the Berlin Republic.

Translated TitlePostwar in Germany
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