Women on the Civil War Battlefront

TitleWomen on the Civil War Battlefront
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsHall, Richard H.
Number of Pages397
PublisherUniversity Press of Kansas

Drawing on a wealth of regimental histories, newspaper archives, and a host of previously unreported accounts, Hall shows that women served in more capacities and in greater number - perhaps several thousand - than has previously been known. Hall presents the most complete portrait yet available of these courageous women - including Sarah Bradbury, Lizzie Compton, Frances Hook, and Confederate spy Loreta Janeta Velazquez - many of whom earned the praise of the male soldiers they served with and rose through the ranks to become sergeants, even officers. Through his investigation of specific case histories, he has authenticated many preciously undocumented reports while debunking myths and exposing previously published errors about the subject. The book also includes a biographical directory of nearly 400 women participants and dozens of Civil War documents attesting to women's role in the war.

(UNC Chapel Hill)

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