Weibliche Heimarmee: Frauen in Deutschland 1914-1918

TitleWeibliche Heimarmee: Frauen in Deutschland 1914-1918
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsGuttmann, Barbara
Number of Pages298
PublisherDeutscher Studien Verlag

This book explores the situation of women in the German war economy and the importance of their work during World War I. During the war women were replacing men at their work places in increasing numbers, especially in the war industry, to set soldiers free for their service at the front lines. To make this possible, often the production had to be reorganized, because women workers did not have the same qualifications as men. The working conditions of women in the war industries were extremely hard, their working days long, and the salaries much lower than that of the male worker in the same industry. Nevertheless, the jobs in the war industry were attractive because working class women could earn more than in other sectors of the economy like agriculture and domestic service.

Translated TitleFemale Home Army: Women in Germany 1914-1918
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