Les Femmes et la Révolution, 1789-1794

TitleLes Femmes et la Révolution, 1789-1794
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1971
AuthorsDuhet, Paule-Marie

While there are a few notable female figures from the French Revolution who are recognized today, for the most part, works have abounded since the late nineteenth century which speak at length of the passion of Condorcet and the contempt of Robespierre. The lyricism of the Sisters of the Constitution is blended into the rage of the Revolutionary Republicans, with the words of women in search of human rights -- housewives and activists -- anonymized and stifled. Behind the anecdote and the scandal in which the violence of a society is expressed, the author rediscovers this disturbing confession: The Revolution recognized only half of its children. [translated and modified from back cover]

Translated TitleWomen and the Revolution, 1789-1794
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