War Memories: The Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars in Modern European Culture

TitleWar Memories: The Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars in Modern European Culture
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsForrest, Alan, Etienne François, and Karen Hagemann
Number of Pages414
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan
CityBasingstoke, UK

The memories of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars were so powerful across Europe because theses wars constituted a crucial turning point in European history. The military expansion of France ensured that scarcely a corner of Europe remained untouched by the wars and by the political, economic and social changes that accompanied them. This interdisciplinary volume brings together an international team of experts who study how experiences and memories of the wars between 1792 and 1815 were transmitted to future generations in European culture and explore the various media through which they passed:  autobiographical texts, novels, poems, art, medals, memorials. This focus allows the authors to examine the intersection between experience and memory, between the private and the public, history and fiction, literature and art, and, most significantly of all, between the memories of the individual, groups, regions, nations, and the continent of Europe.

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