Las Mujeres de la Independencia

TitleLas Mujeres de la Independencia
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1966
AuthorsGrez, Vicente
Number of Pages102
CitySantiago, Chile

This work by the nineteenth-century Chilean journalist-historian, Vicente Grez, supports the thesis that the role of women in the movement for Chilean independence has not been adequately appreciated and recorded. To remedy this, Las mujeres de la Independencia contains a series of simply written, brief episodes depicting the courage, sacrifice, and heroism of selected women who in one way or another became involved in the struggle against Spain or endured the personal and political upheavals of that era with praiseworthy fortitude. Vicente Grez describes in detail, and with an affectionate and admirable pen, the feats and deeds performed by women during the country's struggle for independence. Luisa Recabarren, Paula Jaraquemada, Agueda Monasterio, and many other patriots are part of this book, and essence of a nation.

Translated TitleThe Women of Independence
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